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School Essentials


It is an absolute must that parents/caregivers inform the school of any absences or expected absences. This can be done by a visit to the school office, a note or a telephone call.


If a child is unable to attend school for any reason the school must have a telephone call before the start of school or a note from the parents explaining the situation. If a child normally travels on a school bus the bus driver also needs to be contacted. The electronic version on this website can also be used.
The school must be informed of any student being collected from school or a change to the usual routine.

Appointments with Teachers

The teachers are always happy to discuss children’s progress at any time during the year, however it will be helpful if an appointment is made beforehand.

Assembly Days

School assemblies are held twice a week. Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. Monday assembly is primarily based on weekend events and an overview on what will be happening for the coming week. Friday assembly consists of an account of the week’s events, which is hosted by each class every week. The hosting class will then give a presentation of a curriculum area they have studied to date.


We are fortunate to have a computer suite available for classroom use which is internet accessible. This gives every child the opportunity to develop
computer skills as well as online education from an early age. Parent training sessions will be offered when available.

Contact Details

Please ensure that the school has at least one emergency contact number and address. The name of your general practitioner is also essential for health

Class Stationery

Each class has a tailored class stationery list suitable for to their year level. Stationery packs are pre-made for the school. At the beginning of the year your child will receive a stationery notice that has the total stationery cost. These packs are designed so that all children can start the year with the stationery they require. Parents are asked to arrange payments through the office.

Dental Nurse

The dental nurse is based here once a term per year and every child will be seen including preschoolers. The dental nurse and school encourage good oral hygiene.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency procedures are displayed around the school and emergency and pandemic plans along with the School Charter and a copy of the school policies are available for viewing in the school office.


We encourage children to be responsible for their learning and ask that you take an interest in any homework that is set. The workload will not be large therefore manageable. All work set will have been covered in class.

Kapa Haka

As part of our curriculum, as well the enrichment of Culture and Heritage, each student is expected to take part in Maori Culture lessons. Part of this is to prepare for local competitions. Although participation in these competitions are encouraged, parent/caregiver approval must be given first.


Karakia is held each morning at 8.50am Unless there are parental objections, each child is expected to attend karakia. Karakia is carried out by the whole school during assemblies – on Monday morning and Friday afternoon.


We are pleased with our library. We encourage children to use and take books home regularly to share with parents. We ask parents to ensure that these books are well cared for and returned on time.

Lost Property

All children’s personal items (clothing, footwear, bags, towels etc) need to be clearly named. Staff and duty students regularly try to find the
owners of lost property. Items not claimed by the end of term will be disposed of.

Manual Training

Year 7 and 8 students travel to Opotiki College once every term for 4 days manual training. These sessions involve learning skills such as sewing, cooking, woodwork and metalwork. A manual fee of $30.00 is to be paid by each student. Sometimes ingredients & materials have to be provided by the children.

Parent Helpers

We encourage parents to participate and assist with various school activities. If you are willing to be involved in any way at the school, please let us know.

Personal Belongings

We will not take responsibility for any personal belongings (toys, electronic games, etc) brought to school unless they are given to a teacher to look after. Children are not to bring cell phones, mp3 players or any electronic items to school unless requested by the teacher for in class work.

Photo Copying

We have a photocopier which community groups and individuals are invited to use. Charges being 20c per copy.

Religious Education

We have the bible in our school.  Religious education, this is teaching knowledge and understanding about matters of faith and religion.

School Grounds

Community groups and individuals often use the school grounds for recreation. Users are asked to respect school property and leave the grounds clean and tidy. Young children who play in our playground after school hours need to be accompanied by an adult please. The Board of Trustees take no responsibility for accidents or injury to any person after school hours. Play here at your own risk.

Smoke Free Zone

The school buildings and grounds are Smoke Free. This is now law and any parents and visitors who do not respect this will be asked to leave the premises.