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Whanau Kurarangi/PTA

Waimana School relies on the goodwill of parents to assist in raising funds to ensure that the school can provide the best possible learning resources and environment for children.  You will be informed of these via newsletter.

Whanau Kurarangi 2018 Position
Matthew Titoko Chairperson
Pirita Titoko Vice Chairperson
Lauralee Hillman Secretary
Kitewai Ratu Treasurer
Janie Kaafi Staff Representative
Marewa Titoko Board of Trustees Representative

Fundraising Group  |  Whanau Kurarangi

We have a very dedicated group of parents who work hard throughout the year to develop and co-ordinate fundraising events that benefit the students of Waimana School.  We encourage your support with our fundraising ventures as many hands make light work.